Volunteer Spotlight

Photos of 4 different volunteers who came in to act as greeters during the COVID-19

Meet Our Volunteer Greeters!

When Washington County entered Phase 1 of reopening, our shelter considered how to successfully implement guidelines such as limiting the number of people in the building and requiring visitors to wear face coverings. We decided we needed greeters to provide a warm welcome to visitors and implement COVID-19 guidelines.

For the first few weeks, shelter staff served as greeters. During this time, we tracked the number of guests who visited us as well as the reason for their visit. In those first few weeks, we had an average of 130 customers per week, with the majority buying or renewing a dog license.

The increase in customers as well as animal intake led to our staff being so busy that it became challenging to meet those needs as well as fill the greeter shifts. We needed help! We reached out to a few of our most seasoned volunteers whose regular shifts with animals had been suspended in mid-March and asked them to train for a new volunteer role as greeters. Though being a greeter meant they didn’t have the animal interaction they cherished, they still stepped up.

Thank you to Kay, Jessica, Florence and Sue for serving as greeters, providing a warm welcome and helping to provide a safer environment. If you stop by the shelter, be sure to thank them for their service!