Washington County Animal Services and the Bonnie Hays Animal Shelter continue to offer essential services to support the people and pets in our community during the COVID-19 pandemic. We encourage the public to use online services or to contact us via phone whenever possible, only coming to the shelter in person if necessary.

Services that are not offered at this time:

  • No adoptions
  • No drop off donations

As of March 2021, we are offering limited intake of healthy stray cats in addition to continuing to accept cats who are sick or injured. Intake of healthy stray cats is by appointment only and there is a $10 fee per cat. Please call 503-846-7039 to schedule.

Why we limit our intake of healthy stray cats:

Washington County Animal Services (WCAS) has limited intake of healthy stray and community cats, except in cases where the cat is sick or injured, or in immediate danger due to cruelty circumstances.

These changes to cat intake have been implemented to manage our shelter's space and our staff’s capacity so that we can enforce physical distancing recommendations and other disease spread prevention measures intended to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Thank you for your patience and your support in keeping our community - including our staff - safe and healthy.

How to help stray cats in your neighborhood:

Many cats in the community have owners who allow them to roam free. If you are concerned about a cat in your neighborhood, we encourage you to attempt to determine if it actually has an owner. Visit the lost and found information section of our website for guidance on finding owners of stray animals.

If the cat is visibly sick or injured and you cannot find the owner, please call us at 503-846-7039.

If there is an unowned feral cat in your neighborhood and you are willing to act as the caretaker for the animal, you can contact the Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon regarding getting the cat spayed/neutered or for other advice about caring for a feral cat. Please do not contact the Feral Cat Coalition about removing, relocating or rehoming cats.

Transactions that we encourage citizens to complete online:

If you come to the shelter in person:

  • Please wear a face covering. Our staff will also do so when interacting with you.
  • Please be patient and follow staff guidance on physical distancing.
  • We will only allow a limited number of people in the building at a time, so be prepared to wait outside if necessary.
  • If possible, please don't bring children or your own pets and if you must, plan to keep them safely by your side at all times.

Critical services offered:

  • Stray Animal Intake
    • We encourage finders of lost pets to attempt to locate the pet's owner when possible. 
    • Dog intake for all lost and stray dogs is available during the shelter’s regular business hours. Intake of healthy stray cats is limited. Please call us first at 503-846-7039 before brining any animal to the shelter.
    • Injured stray pets can be brought to the shelter as needed during the shelter’s regular business hours, but please call us first at 503-846-7039.
  • Lost Pet Reunification - Owners of stray animals at the shelter are encouraged to reclaim them during regular shelter business hours.
    • Call us at 503-846-7039 if your pet is here at the shelter.
  • Field Services - Animal Services Officers will prioritize emergency calls, including assisting law enforcement and first responders, rescuing injured or sick stray animals, cruelty or neglect investigations, animal bites and responding to dangerous or aggressive dogs that threaten the safety of the community. 

The following services will continue to be suspended until further notice:

  • Drop-off Donations - To reduce public exposure, we ask that no one bring donations directly to the shelter. We thank our community for supporting shelter animals, and those who wish to make a financial donation can do so online. Donation of items from our Amazon Wish List (shipped to the shelter) are also gratefully accepted, but we are not able to take any items brought to the shelter in person.
  • Pet Adoptions - Our shelter is not currently offering pet adoptions. All animals in the shelter continue to receive care and stray animals that cannot be reunited with owners may be transferred to our partner animal shelters and rescues for adoption.  Here is a list of other area shelters who may be offering pets for adoption.
  • Foster and Other Volunteers – We are not currently recruiting new volunteers and are communicating directly with current volunteers about when and how they may return to service.

For information related to how COVID-19 might impact pets and their owners, please see our COVID-19 & Pets FAQ.        

We ask everyone to refer to the Washington County Health and Human Services website for current information on guidelines, safety information and more.