Paws on the Plaza

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Tuesday, July 23rd, 2019

5:30 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.


Paws on the Plaza is at the Hillsboro Tuesday Night Market on Main street.

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Getting Here

The Hillsboro Tuesday Night Market fills three city blocks in Historic Downtown Hillsboro that are closed to auto traffic (Main Street from First to Third Avenues, and Second and Third Avenues between Main and Lincoln Streets).

There is a variety of street parking and lots and the market is easily accessible by MAX and bus.


We will offer a variety of activities:

  • Contests! These have been a popular feature of past events and we are looking forward to continuing them this year. The contests will start at 7:00 pm. These are fun for spectators as well as participants. Bring your dog and enter for a chance to win!
    • Best Costume
    • Best Trick
    • Best Owner/Dog Look Alike
    • Biggest Dog
    • Littlest Dog (over one year)
  • Raffle
  • Check Your Chip
  • Dog Licensing

Shelter Fundraising and Donations

Although Paws on the Plaza is free to attend, we hope that those who can give something to the animals will help support our work with a donation. We will have a variety of ways for people to give (including a raffle!) at the event. If you want to donate prizes or partner with us to fundraise for the animals on behalf of Paws on the Plaza, please contact You can also make an online donation at any time and put “Paws on the Plaza” in the additional comments at the bottom:

Click Here to Donate to the Animal Shelter Online

Dog Licensing

All dogs in Washington County are required by law to be licensed. Sure, there are fines for those who choose not to license their dogs, but we want to reward those responsible dog owners who do. We will give a free raffle ticket for every licensed dog!


If you don’t have your license yet, we’d love to answer your questions and help you buy your license at Paws on the Plaza. You can also take care of that right now:

Online Dog License Button


Microchip Awareness

Does your pet have a microchip? Is your contact information up to date?


From an article by the American Veterinary Medical Association:

“A study of more than 7,700 stray animals at animal shelters showed that dogs without microchips were returned to their owners 21.9% of the time, whereas microchipped dogs were returned to their owners 52.2% of the time. Cats without microchips were reunited with their owners only 1.8% of the time, whereas microchipped cats went back home 38.5% of the time. (Lord et al, JAVMA, July 15, 2009) For microchipped animals that weren't returned to their owners, most of the time it was due to incorrect owner information (or no owner information) in the microchip registry database – so don't forget to register and keep your information updated.”


At Paws on the Plaza we will have a Microchip Awareness booth where you can get your dog scanned for a microchip to see if they have one and if it is still functioning and readable. We will also have information on how to update your info and where you can get a microchip if your pet doesn’t have one yet (don’t forget your cats and other pets).



The Hillsboro Tuesday Night Market is a bustling outdoor festival with food vendors, produce stands, artisan vendors, classic cars, musical entertainment and more.


While the market is dog friendly and we would love to meet you and your pooch on the plaza, it is important that each owner makes an informed decision about whether their own dog will be comfortable at a crowded event with kids, other dogs, and unfamiliar people. For some dogs, it could be frightening, and others might feel overstimulated or defensive. If you are in doubt, leave your dog at home or be prepared to depart if they seem anxious or agitated.


Thank you to Our Supporters!!!