Birth Records

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Birth records are not automatically sent after a birth and must be ordered by an authorized individual. You may apply to Washington County for a birth records up to the last day of the fifth month from date of birth. For example, if your baby was born on January 10, you can apply for a birth record from Washington County until July 9 during our regular weekday business hours only.

To request a certified birth record, use the order form on this website. Be sure to fill it out completely to avoid delaying the process. Each certified birth record is $25. If you apply in person, we can accept cash, check, money order or credit card. If you apply by mail, we can accept a check or money order made payable to Vital Records. We do not accept debit cards. Do not mail cash or include a credit card number when ordering by mail. You must mail or bring acceptable proof(s) of identity. Visit the State's website for a complete list of what is accepted.

Birth Record Order Form for orders placed after January 1, 2018 (Spanish)

The following persons are authorized to order a birth record:

  • The mother of the baby if the mother is named on the certificate. If the baby has been given up for adoption, the biological mother is not authorized to order a birth certificate.
  • The father of the baby named on the certificate. If the father is not legally married to the mother of the baby and a voluntary acknowledgment of paternity was not established, the biological father is not authorized to order a birth certificate.
  • The maternal grandparents, if the mother is listed on the certificate.
  • The paternal grandparents, if the father is listed on the certificate.
  • The legal representative of the baby. Legal representatives include attorneys, physicians, CPAs and other authorized agents acting on behalf of the baby or their immediate family. If you are an attorney, you must state whom you represent. If you do not legally represent the baby, include how your client is related to the person on the record. If you are a legal guardian or have power of attorney, you must enclose a copy of the legal document. If you are not eligible to order the record, please include a permission note with the notarized signature of an eligible person.

Orders from persons who are legal guardians will be filled after we receive a photocopy of the legal guardianship document, custody document, notarized power of attorney, etc. If a child is a ward of the state, the foster parent should have a permission note on letterhead from the children’s agency. Copies of all legal documents should be attached to the order form.

Six months or longer from the date of birth
Certified copies for individuals who were born in Oregon six months ago or longer must be obtained from the Oregon Health Authority