ACEs Summit March 2015
The Washington County ACEs Initiative is a collaboration among child and family service providers, primary care providers, mental health providers, nurses, home visitors, law enforcement, educators, the faith community, government organizations, parents, insurance providers, housing services, students, social workers and others who are interested in helping educate the community on the impact of ACEs.

The purpose of the ACEs Initiative is to reduce the burden of childhood trauma and the development of chronic disease in individuals who work, live and play in Washington County by supporting the efforts to build resilience and create safe, stable nurturing relationships and environments for children and families in Washington County. The main objective of the ACEs Initiative is to raise awareness of ACEs, resiliency and trauma-informed approaches to services.

Watch a brief (10 minutes) Community Matters episode on ACEs.

For more information about the ACEs Initiative, contact Amy Baker at 503-846-3503.