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July 28, 2020: Governor Kate Brown announced metrics and requirements for schools to reopen in person this fall. More details in OHA's document. OHA lists county-by-county metrics here.


The information below is intended for school administrators. Parents, families and school staff should contact their school district directly with any questions about their own schools. We do have a parent/guardian tool to help you decide if your child should attend school or day care every day, but otherwise please contact your school district with school-related questions.

If you work at a school or childcare center and want to ask questions about coronavirus symptoms, safety protocols, isolation, quarantine or screening, or you want to report cases or an outbreak please call our school strike team line at 503-846-5404. 

Public/private schools and daycares

New ‘Scenarios Document’ for ODE's K-12 protocol — Released Sept. 14, 2020

Complaint Form for ODE  (Complaint process to report issues/concerns with school facilities to Oregon Department of Education) 

Ready School, Safe Learners Guidance for School Year 2020-21 (ODE/OHA)

Washington County's presentation on updated ODE guidance (Released August 11, 2020)


Ready to submit your operational blueprint?

  1. Send your blueprint to Washington County at
  2. Submit your website link to ODE by using this form.  

If your question is not covered, email ODE at and also cc Washington County at

COVID Reporting
If you work at a school or childcare center and want to report a suspected case or outbreak, or ask questions about coronavirus symptoms, safety protocols, isolation, quarantine or screening, please call our school strike team line at 503-846-5404. 

Immunization Reporting

  • Schools that anticipate they will reopen (at least partially) later in the school year when it’s possible should plan on collecting immunization records, notifying parents of missing immunizations, and participating in immunization reporting and exclusion.  
  • Schools that are planning on exclusive online learning for the full school year will be able to count these students in the “not counted” category of the immunization report. They are still encouraged to collect immunization records in preparation for in-person learning next school year.

Colleges and universities

Guidance for the Conduct of In-Person Instructional, Residential, and Research Activities at Oregon Colleges and Universities (HECC/OHA)

The Higher Education Coordinating Commission and OHA put out this Facebook video on going back to university or community college during the pandemic.

COVID-19 Guidelines for Higher Education Establishments

To connect with Washington County Public Health, email


Resources created or recommended by Washington County Public Health:

School Communication Protocol - A school’s guide for communication with their local public health authority 

Environmental Health Checklist for Sanitation and Disinfection

CDC Cleaning and Disinfecting Guidance for Congregate Setting 

Cohort Daily School Log

COVID School Respiratory Illness Log (Line List)

COVID School Reporting Form (for reference)

Testing Site Reference Document

Washington County Health Care Resource Guide

Contacts and Links to More Resources


Resources for Public/Private Schools

Operational Blueprint Template (assessment) Click 'Operational Blueprint Template' in the School Leaders Box.

Sample Plans (Ready Schools, Safe Learners) 

Oregon Department of Education Comprehensive Distance Learning  

Communication Toolkit

Support Tools (including sample CD Plan & Room Occupancy Signs)

Summer School Guidance ‘Supporting All Learners Spring and Summer 2020’

Comprehensive Distance Learning (A Companion to Ready Schools, Safe Learners)

Planning for COVID-19 Scenarios in Schools (A Toolkit for School Leaders and Local Public Health)

Ensuring Equity and Access

Resources for Child Care and Early Learning

Emergency Childcare Guidance 

Health and Safety Guidelines for Child Care and Early Education

General Resources

Governor’s Social Distancing Requirements

Oregon Department of Education COVID-19 Page 

Oregon Health Authority COVID-19 page 

CDC Guidance for Disinfecting Facilities

CDC COVID Considerations for Schools

CDC Disinfecting you Non-Emergency Vehicle

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