Economic Support and Resources

If you have tested positive for COVID-19 or are sick and need to isolate, we may be able to help with rent, groceries, utilities and other essential expenses. Please call 503-846-5347 for assistance. 

These resources are for individuals and households in Washington County. Economic relief resources for businesses can be found at Washington County’s Business Recovery page.  

Community Action has developed these flyers in several languages with information about to access food assistance, childcare, financial and career education, health insurance, and many other resources.

How do I get help with my rent or mortgage?  

Rent Support: 

Mortgage Support: Immediately call your mortgage lender or loan servicer to discuss your options. These resources may also provide information: 

How can I get help if I am homeless or at risk of becoming homeless? 

How do I get help paying for utilities?  

How can I get food assistance?  

I recently became unemployed for COVID-19 related reasons. Do I qualify for unemployment? How do I apply? Is there other assistance available?  

What medical support is available? 

Additional Resources