Reopening Washington County

When will the county apply for Phase 2?

October 15, 2020 Update
We know that many community members, organizations and businesses are anxious to move into Phase 2 reopening. Per Governor Kate Brown, we are still tied to Multnomah and Clackamas counties for moving into Phase 2. As a county and as a region, we have not met all of the metrics required to apply for Phase 2. 

The State's Reopening Guidance Tool is intended to be a visual way to see, in one place, what sectors and activities are generally permitted in baseline, phase one and phase two of Oregon’s reopening during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Reopening Guidance Tool may not include every activity or business and cannot be relied upon to determine whether a specific activity or business is permitted in the state, or what guidance applies. The Reopening Guidance Tool will be updated often to adapt to changes in the state.

We are all connected, and our individual actions can make the difference for everyone. We’re asking people to continue to work to slow the spread. Please stay home when sick, keep social gatherings small and outside, maintain at least six feet from others, and wear face coverings. These measures will still be important when we reach Phase 2. Thank you.

View regional and county Phase 2 criteria data on state's website

Washington County is in Phase 1

As of June 1, 2020, Washington County may reopen the following areas, while following the health and safety guidelines. Some of the requirements businesses must follow are included below, but these do not include ALL of the guidelines. Businesses need to follow all of the sector-specific guidance on the governor's website

Restaurants and bars must:

  • Ensure tables are spaced at least six feet apart so that at least six feet between parties is maintained, including when customers approach or leave tables
  • Require all employees to wear cloth face or disposable coverings (provided by the employer)
  • End all on-site consumption of food and drinks by 10 p.m.

Personal care services (salons, barber shops, massage, etc.) must:

  • Make appointments with pre-appointment health check
  • Maintain a customer log
  • Maintain six feet physical distancing between clients
  • Remove all magazines, newspapers, snacks and beverages from waiting areas
  • Require face coverings by employees and clients (depending on the services provided)

Gyms/ fitness must:

  • Limit maximum number of customers accordingly
  • Enforce physical distancing & sanitation

Guidance on Gatherings (Updated by OHA on August 20, 2020 - Read the entire guidance here.)

  • “Gathering” means a group of individuals meeting for a common purpose including faith-based, civic, cultural and other purposes, indoors or outdoors. A gathering does not include an indoor social get-together. Maximum capacity for Phase 1:
    • 50 people indoors
    • 50 people outdoors
  • “Indoor social get-together” means a group of individuals meeting for a common social or recreational purpose indoors. Indoor social get-togethers include but are not limited to indoor dinner parties, birthday parties, graduation parties, celebrations of any kind, potlucks, book clubs, game nights, and other similar indoor gatherings. Indoor social get-togethers do not include gatherings. Effective July 15, indoor social gatherings are limited to 10 people statewide.

Faith communities/gatherings FAQ here.

Additional information on what can open:

  • Grocery stores, pharmacies, banks and credit unions, and gas stations are all open.
  • Non-emergency medical care, dentist offices and veterinary care are open and operating, provided they meet required safety guidelines.
  • Child care is open under certain restrictions, with priority placements for children of health care workers, first responders, and frontline workers.
  • Public transit is open under certain restrictions, and must be sanitized often and enforce three feet of space between passengers.
  • New guidance as of September 4, 2020: Rules for Phase 1 and Phase 2 counties on licensed swimming pools, licensed spa pools and sports courts. Also, some outdoor recreation organizations are allowed to open. Details on statewide guidance here.
  • Indoor and outdoor malls can open. 

Businesses/Employers: You can also find additional information on the Workplace Guidance page on this website. We have created a FAQ page as well and will continue to update it.

More information about reopening

Governor Kate Brown issued Executive Order 20-25 "A Safe and Strong Oregon: Maintaining Essential Health Directives in Response to COVID-19, and Implementing a Phased Approach for Reopening Oregon's Economy." The governor's website is a good source for further information on:

  • Reopening Oregon: Details on restarting public life and business
  • Prerequisites for phased reopening of Oregon
  • The three health signs we must see to reopen Oregon
  • Guidance on face coverings
  • Guidance that applies statewide immediately for the public and outdoor recreation
  • Guidance that applies statewide starting May 15, 2020, for employers and retail stores
  • Guidance that applies statewide for child care, summer school/camps/youth activities, and transit
  • Guidance that only applies to counties that enter Phases 1 and 2

OHA has created a table that outlines the various phases of reopening.

What about schools?
On July 28, 2020, Governor Kate Brown announced metrics and requirements for schools to reopen in person this fall. More details in OHA's document. OHA lists county-by-county metrics here.

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