Stay Home, Save Lives

On May 14, 2020, Governor Kate Brown issued a new Executive Order 20-25 "A Safe and Strong Oregon: Maintaining Essential Health Directives in Response to COVID-19, and Implementing a Phased Approach for Reopening Oregon's Economy."

Much of the Stay Home, Save Lives order still applies to our county. That Executive Order was issued on March 23. 

Washington County has been approved to enter Phase I on June 1. In Washington County, as of May 15, 2020:

  • Grocery stores, pharmacies, banks and credit unions, and gas stations are all open.
  • Restaurants remain subject to Executive Order 20-07, which prohibits eating or drinking on site, but allows take-out and delivery.
  • Stand-alone retail operations are open provided they meet required safety and physical distancing guidelines. Indoor and outdoor malls are closed.
  • Local outdoor recreation activities are open, including many state parks.
  • Non-emergency medical care, dentist offices and veterinary care are open and operating, provided they meet required safety guidelines.
  • Local cultural, civic and faith gatherings are allowed for up to 25 people provided physical distancing can be in place.
  • Local social gatherings over 10 people are prohibited, and those under 10 people must use physical distancing.
  • Personal care services such as salons and barbers, as well as gyms, are closed.
  • Child care is open under certain restrictions, with priority placements for children of health care workers, first responders, and frontline workers.
  • Public transit is open under certain restrictions, and must be sanitized often and enforce three feet of space between passengers.
  • Summer school and camps can open.

Additional rules and requirements that apply to Washington County (Not all-inclusive):

  1. To the greatest extent possible, individuals should stay at home or at their place of residence.

  2. When you need to leave your home or residence, maintain a physical distance of at least six feet from any person who is not a member of your immediate household.

  3. You may go outside for recreational activities such as walking, hiking and cycling. Limit those activities to non-contact and maintain six feet or more between people outside of your household.

  4. Private and public campgrounds have the option of opening if they are able to comply with OHA's guidance regarding outdoor recreation.

  5. At this time, pools, skate parks, outdoor sports courts, and playground equipment areas remain closed. At the direction of the Governor, OHA or another appropriate state agency may issue guidance allowing one or more of these types of facilities to open.
    Such guidance will be made available at  

  6. People should continue to minimize non-essential travel.

  7. OHA's Mask and Face Covering Guidance for Business, Transit and the Public

Businesses: Operation of the following businesses, for which close personal contact is difficult or impossible to avoid, continues to be prohibited:

Amusement parks; aquariums; arcades; barber shops and hair salons; bowling alleys; cosmetic stores; dance studios; esthetician practices; fraternal organization facilities; gyms and fitness studios (including climbing gyms); hookah bars; indoor and outdoor malls (i.e., all portions of a retail complex containing stores and restaurants in a single area); indoor party places (including jumping gyms and laser tag); medical spas, facial spas, day spas, and non-medical massage therapy services; museums; nail and tanning salons; non­ tribal card rooms; skating rinks; senior activity centers; social and private clubs; tattoo/piercing parlors; tennis clubs; theaters; yoga studios; and youth clubs.

Workplace Restrictions

  1. All businesses and nonprofits shall have employees work from home to the maximum extent possible.

  2. When work-from-home options are not available, businesses and nonprofits must designate an employee to establish, implement and enforce social distancing policies.

To Report a Possible Violation of the Order:

EMPLOYEES: If you believe your employer is in violation of Executive Order 20-12, you can file a complaint on OSHA’s website. This is OSHA's general complaint form. Even though it doesn't say anything about COVID-19, this is the correct place to file your complaint.

CONCERNED COMMUNITY MEMBERS: If you believe any business in Washington County is in violation of Executive Order 20-12 or 20-07, please call 503-846-8390 or send us an email

We will first provide education to help a business come into compliance with the order. Citation through law enforcement is an absolute last resort. We must have ALL of the following information in order for our Enforcement Branch to follow up with the business.

  • Name of business
  • Full address of business, including zip code
  • Date(s) violation occurred
  • What is the violation? What did you observe? (For example, business operating that should be closed; business allowed to be operating but not enforcing social distancing; public gatherings; food or beverage being consumed on site)

You may also report social gatherings that violate the order. Our team will determine the most appropriate course of action. Call 503-846-8390 or email Please do not call the Washington County non-emergency line for these issues.