Advisory Council


Function and Purpose

The Washington County Aging and Veteran Services Advisory Council (AVSAC) works to address the needs of seniors and those who support them (their families and caregivers) and veterans and their dependents. The Council:

  1. Recommends basic policy guidelines for the administration of the activities of aging and veterans' services on behalf of seniors (persons 60 years of age and older)--their families and caregivers and veterans and their dependents.
  2. Advises the agency on questions of policy, programs, and actions affecting the delivery of services.
  3. Advises the agency with respect to the development of the Area Plan and budget and reviews and comments on the completed Area Plan and budget before it is transmitted to the appropriate authorities.
  4. Reviews and evaluates the administration of the Area Plan and the operations conducted under the plan to determine the department's effectiveness in meeting the needs of the people it serves.
  5. Advocates on behalf of the needs of the elderly and veterans in the community on issues germane to improving the quality of life for seniors, their families and caregivers and veterans and their dependents.


The 19 members are volunteers (13 regular and six alternate members) and are appointed by the Washington County Board of Commissioners for three-year terms. Members may be reappointed for two additional terms. A minimum of 51% of the members must be ages 60 or above. Older members must include individuals residing in rural areas, minority individuals and people who are participants or are eligible to participate in the agency's programs. Members under 60 years of age include representatives of older individuals, are local elected officials, or are providers of veterans’ health care and the general public. For more information, call 503-846-3081.


The Advisory Council meets virtually via Zoom on the third Thursday of every other month starting at 9 a.m. and ending by 12 p.m. See the calendar for upcoming meeting dates. 

Meeting Minutes

To learn more about joining AVSAC, please visit Washington County, OR: Boards.