Money Management


Who does this program serve? 

The Money Management program is for individuals age 60 and older and those 18-59 with a disability. 

What services are provided? 

This program provides Representative Payee and Bill Pay services. Both services are offered free-of-cost. 

  • Representative Payee services: When a Social Security beneficiary is unable to manage their own funds, the Social Security Administration appoints our program to manage finances on their behalf. We pay the beneficiary's bills, manage their funds and work with the beneficiary to create a spending plan. We allow for input from the beneficiary whenever possible. We do not charge the $42 monthly fee that is commonly charged for clients who are on Medicaid.  

  • Bill Pay services: The Bill Pay services are for individuals who need assistance with their finances. This can include learning how to balance a checkbook, create a budget, organize financial documents, pay bills and manage debt. The service is short-term, lasting typically between one and three months. We can help individuals multiple times if their needs change. 

Who provides the services? 

Representative Payee services are provided by Washington County Money Management staff. Bill Pay services are provided by trained and certified volunteers. Both staff and volunteers pass annual background checks. 

How do I sign up? 

Start by giving us a call and sharing more about what you'd like help with. Our trained staff will screen you for the Money Management program as well as other programs that may be helpful. The number to call is 1-855-673-2372. This is a toll-free number.