Criminal Background Checks

Foster home provider applicants, substitute caregivers, household occupants ages 16 and older and other subject individuals as defined by Oregon Administrative Rules must have an approved criminal background check prior to operating, working, training in or residing in an adult foster home, in accordance with OAR 407-007-0200 to 407-007-0370 and under ORS 181.534. Further information regarding who is subject to background checks may be found in Oregon Administrative Rules Chapter 411, Division 360.

Criminal background checks may be initiated at the Washington County Developmental Disabilities Program office for new provider applicants and other subject individuals. There is no fee for initiating a background check. If it is determined that an individual is required to submit fingerprints, he or she is responsible for any costs related to fingerprinting.

Criminal background checks must be completed for all individuals prior to the issuance of an initial license and updated every two years prior to license renewal.