EMS Regulations

Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS)

Emergency Medical Services
ORS 682
Trauma System
ORS 431A
AED Liability Protection
ORS 30.802
Good Samaritan Liability Protection
ORS 30.800, 30.803, 30.805, 30.807


Oregon Administrative Rules (OAR)

Oregon Trauma System
OAR 333-200
Ambulance Service Licensing
OAR 333-250
Ambulance Licensing
OAR 333-255
Ambulance Service Areas
OAR 333-260
Emergency Medical Technicians
OAR 333-265
Oregon Medical Board, EMT scope of Practice
OAR 847-035

2019 Emergency Medical Service Administrative Rules Updates 

Public Comment and Response on the Proposed Administrative Rule Updates
05-02-2019 Administrative Rules Public Hearing Meeting Minutes


Washington County

WaCo Code - Emergency Medical & Transportation Services Ordinance
Chapter 8.32
EMS Administrative Rules January 2019
Ambulance Service Area Plan/July 2009
ASA Plan
WaCo Emergency Ambulance Franchise Agreement as Amended 08-01-2018
Franchise Agreement as Amended 8-2018