History of the Medical Reserve Corps



The Medical Reserve Corps (MRC)- Founded by the federal government shortly after 9/11. The national system brings together people who have skills related to health care as well as citizen volunteers. They serve as a team during times of emergency or need in their own community and function as part of their local emergency preparedness teams. MRC units supplement existing emergency and public health resources and agencies such as Red Cross, local public health, fire, police, and ambulance services. The result is a collaborative effort that is prepared for large scale public health crises.

Medical Reserve Corps - Nationally headquartered in the Office of the U.S. Surgeon General, it functions as a clearinghouse for information and best practices to help communities establish, implement and maintain MRC units across the nation. The MRC Program Office sponsors  an annual leadership conference, hosts a Web site, and coordinates with local, state, regional and national organizations and agencies to help communities achieve public health and emergency preparedness.
Medical Reserve Corps in Oregon - A Federal Mandate in 2003 prompted a response from the State to organize the volunteer response system. The State Emergency Registry of Volunteers in Oregon was implemented for online registration (SERV-OR) and in November 2008, a full-time coordinator was brought on staff. Presently, in Oregon, there are 14 MRC units and that number continues to grow.
Medical Reserve Corps in Washington County - Formed in 2006, our MRC presently has nearly 1000 licensed healthcare professionals from various different disciplines and several non-medical volunteers. In the first quarter of 2021, our volunteers contributed nearly 2000 hours of service. Our MRC unit is housed within Washington County Public Health and directed by an Executive Board comprised of volunteers. Washington County is grateful for their dedicated service and proud to have one of the most highly regarded and active units in the State of Oregon.