Open Burning

Residential open burning of yard debris is not allowed in unincorporated areas of Washington County that are eligible for yard debris pickup from a waste hauler.

  • The rules do not apply to recreational fires like camp fires, fire pits or chimineas.
  • The rules do not apply to agricultural burning.

Open burning of yard debris is not allowed in areas of the county that are shaded in blue on the map below. Click on the map to locate your property or view the map in more detail.

If you live in an area of the county that is not shaded in blue check with your local fire department or the Department of Environmental Quality for more information about open burning rules in your area.

Open Burning in Washington County

Find your property or view this map in more detail


Alternatives to burning yard debris

  • What to do with your yard debrisUse curbside yard debris rolling carts, cans and bags from your garbage collector.
  • Compost yard debris and kitchen scraps at home.
  • Rent or use a wood chipper to make chips for mulch and compost.


Filing a Complaint

You can file a complaint for residential burning of yard debris by filling out this form or by calling 503-846-8744.


Hardship Permits

Special hardship permits may be available during certain times of the year: March 1 - June 15 and October 1 - December 15. Download the application here. Depending on your internet browser, you may need to save the PDF to your computer before filling it out.