Complaint Form

File a complaint here concerning the following issues:
  • Backyard open burning of yard debris
  • Use of fireplace, wood stove or wood stove insert during a "red day" air quality alert issued by Washington County

Location Matters

Before filling out this form, please confirm the property or issue in question is located within unincorporated Washington County and not within a city limit.

If the property is located within a city, please contact the appropriate city to register your complaint.


  • Restrictions on backyard burning of yard debris only apply to parts of unincorporated Washington County located within the Metro Service District Boundary.
  • Your information will remain confidential. Your contact information will only be used by County staff members in the event that more information is needed.



Complaint Information (required)

Thank you for providing us with this information. Wood burning complaints are not considered an emergency and we will therefore not be sending anyone out to the property immediately. However, County staff members will investigate and communicate as appropriate with the resident identified in the complaint.