Food Commissary


Commissaries provide support operations for mobile food units and food vending machines. Washington County Environmental Health licenses and inspects these operations. Commissaries must comply with restaurant licensing regulations to assure the safety of food products. 

Mobile food units that conduct food service activities at a commissary are required to obtain a Commissary License in the name of the mobile food unit owner. Food service activities include, but are not limited to, utensil washing and/or any food preparation activities such as food washing, thawing, cooking, cooling and reheating.  

Mobile food unit owners who use a licensed food service business solely to pick up clean utensils and food prior to operating each day and to drop off used utensils at the end of the day for cleaning are required to complete and return a Commissary Service Verification form.

For more information about the food code, visit the Food Code Adoption page.


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