COVID-19 Guidelines for Restaurants

Washington County is Currently under Phase 1


Dear Restaurant Operator:


We are not ready to apply for Phase 2 at this time. We are especially concerned about the increase in cases, the percent of our tests that are positive, the number of cases we cannot link to other cases, and a trend in increased hospitalizations. We are watching the data closely and talking with Multnomah and Clackamas counties about their data to determine how and when to apply for Phase 2.

Please visit Washington County COVID-19 Page for the latest information:  


Main guidelines are listed in detail on the Governor’s Page under Phase 1:


Oregon Health Authority Food Safety website:


Phase 1 Re-Opening Guidelines from Oregon Health Authority (PDF Document):


FAQ document from Oregon Health Authority (PDF Document):



Please visit:


Please take some time to review the links provided as well as the attached documents at your convenience.  This information will be helpful in the re-opening of your business. 


If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact EOC Enforcement at 503-846-8390 or email at:  


Please keep in mind that the information contained in the websites is everchanging so keep checking the web pages regularly for the latest developments.


At this time, pools/spa are not approved to open under Phase 1 even if located inside a gym that may open.  Other specific activities such as bowling, karaoke and pool tables are also not approved to commence under Phase 1.