COVID-19 Guidelines for Restaurants



Starting April 23rd, 2021 Washington County is in the High Risk category.

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Structures with 50% Airflow / Estructuras con Flujo de Aire de 50%


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High Risk

Social and At-Home Gathering Size — Indoor

  • Maximum 6 people
  • Recommended limit: 2 households

Social and At-Home Gathering Size — Outdoor

Maximum 8 people








Eating and Drinking Establishments

  • Indoor dining allowed
  • Takeout highly recommended
  • Indoor capacity: not to exceed 25% maximum occupancy or 50 people, whichever is smaller
  • Outdoor dining allowed
  • Outdoor capacity: 75 people maximum, including individual dining pods.
  • Individual dining pods allowed outdoors subject to outdoor capacity limit.
  • Indoor and outdoor seating: 6 people per party and per table maximum, limit 2 households
  • 11:00 p.m. closing time



Indoor Recreation and Fitness Establishments

(includes gyms, indoor K-12 Sports, fitness organizations, indoor recreational sports, indoor pools)



  • Capacity: Maximum 25% occupancy or 50 people total whichever is smaller
  • Indoor full-contact sports prohibited




Indoor Entertainment Establishments

(includes aquariums, indoor theaters/arenas/concert halls, indoor gardens, indoor museums)




  • Capacity: Maximum 25% occupancy or 50 people total, whichever is smaller
  • 11:00 p.m. closing time

Retail Stores

(includes street fairs/markets, grocery stores, convenience stores and pharmacies)

  • Capacity: Maximum 50% occupancy
  • Curbside pick-up encouraged

Indoor and Outdoor Shopping Centers/Malls

  • Capacity: Maximum 50% occupancy
  • Curbside pick-up encouraged


Faith Institutions*, Funeral Homes, Mortuaries, Cemeteries

  • Indoor Capacity: Maximum 25% occupancy or 150 people total, whichever is smaller
  • Outdoor Capacity: 200 people maximum


Recommend remote work, if able

Outdoor Recreation and Fitness Establishments (includes outdoor gyms, outdoor fitness organizations, outdoor K-12 sports, outdoor recreational sports, outdoor pools, outdoor parks and hiking trails**, outdoor campgrounds**)

  • Maximum 15% occupancy
  • Outdoor full-contact sports allowed for adult/club/youth sports with guidance requirements
  • Outdoor full-contact sports allowed for K-12 with submitted plan

Outdoor Entertainment Establishments

(includes zoos, outdoor gardens, amphitheaters, outdoor aquariums, outdoor theaters/stadiums)


  • Maximum 15% occupancy
  • 11:00 p.m. closing time

Personal Services


Long-Term Care

Inside and outside visitation allowed


Authority: Executive Order No. 20-66, ORS 433.441, ORS 433.443, ORS 431A.010

Enforcement: To the extent this guidance requires compliance with certain provisions, it is enforceable as specified in Executive Order 20-66.


"Maximum Occupancy" means the maximum occupancy permitted by law, or if the maximum occupancy is unknown, refer to Maximum Occupancy Resource for COVID-19


NOTE: *Capacity limits for faith institutions are recommended only.

           **Capacity limits do not apply to this activity.


Additional Notes:

• All activities are subject to more detailed, sector-specific guidance.

• Subject to more detailed sector-specific guidance, all activities assume mask usage, minimum physical distancing, provisions for hand hygiene and enhanced cleaning protocols.

• Congregate homeless sheltering, Youth Programs, Childcare, K-12 Schools, Higher Education, Drive-In Operations and current Division 1 and Professional Athletics exemptions operate under sector specific guidance for all risk levels.

• Hookah bars and senior centers are not allowed to operate regardless of risk level.

Document accessibility: For individuals with disabilities or individuals who speak a language other than English, OHA can provide information in alternate formats such as translations, large print, or braille Contact the Health Information Center at 1-971-673-2411, 711 TTY or




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