COVID-19 Guidelines for Restaurants

Executive Order Guidelines and Phase 1 Information


At this time, Washington County is still under the Governor’s Executive Orders 20-07, 20-12 and 20-14. Restaurants must still comply with these requirements. There is not a set date for entering Phase 1 at this time. The county is working diligently to submit the application to the State, see Chair Harrington’s statement on the Governor’s reopening criteria.


General Information from the Governor and County Application Submittal following the Science-Driven framework for reopening Oregon:


To Begin Immediately (PDF Documents)

Reopening Guidance:

Specific Guidance for Outdoor Recreation Organizations:


To Begin May 15, 2020 (PDF Documents)

Oregon General Guidance for Employers on COVID-19:

Specific Guidance for Retail Stores:


Face Covering Guidance (PDF Documents)

Oregon Guidance on Face Covering Use by the Public to Prevent Spread of COVID-19:


Face Coverings are Recommended at this Time

CDC Use of Cloth Face Coverings to Help Slow the Spread of COVID-19:

Guidance on Governor Brown's Executive Orders

Oregon Guidance on Governor Brown's Executive Orders 20-07 and 20-12:


Governor Brown’s Executive Order 20-14

Extending the Duration of Executive Order 20-07 (Prohibiting On-Premises Consumption of Food or Drink)


Guidelines for Delivery and Drive-through (English | Spanish)
Guidelines for Facilities Electing to Self-Close (English | Spanish)