Wood Stoves

wood stove
The smoke produced from wood stoves can reduce visibility, damage health, crops, property and the environment. Certified wood stoves burn cleaner than non-certified wood stoves; they reduce fine particles by 70 percent. Pellet stoves as well as oil or gas furnaces/stoves are even cleaner than certified stoves.

Washington County Wood Stove Exchange

Washington County is now offering rebates of $1,500-$3,500*when you replace your old wood stove for a cleaner heating device.

*Some households will qualify for a FREE replacement, based on income.

Learn more about the program and apply at www.WoodStoveExchange.com

Here are some tips to help reduce pollution from a wood stove:
  • Burn only dry wood
  • Make small, hot fires; this will minimize air pollution
  • Do not burn garbage
  • Do not burn overnight
  • Do regular inspections of your stove or fireplace to prevent fires and have the chimney cleaned to remove buildup
  • Know that dark smoke is bad
  • Keep the stove clean
  • Use your fireplace for ambiance? Consider using fire logs instead of cord wood
  • Yearly chimney cleaning is recommended to remove buildup and to check and make sure that the device is working properly


Additional information

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