What You Can Do to Help

  • Do not smoke indoors
  • Keep rain and humid air outside
  • Circulate fresh, outdoor air through your home everyday
  • Wipe feet off before coming inside
  • Replace or clean furnace and air filters when they are dirty
  • Use ventilating fans over stoves and in the bathroom
  • Keep ventilating fans clean
  • Remove mold and prevent moisture in your home
  • Use safe cleaning products
  • Vacuum carpets well and stuffed furniture well, wash linens weekly and dust regularly to keep allergens to a minimum
  • Do not idle your car in an attached garage — this can be deadly!
  • Save energy
  • Drive less by walking, using mass transit or riding a bike
  • Carpool
  • Make sure your car is well tuned
  • Make sure that you tightly seal the lids of chemical products (such as solvents, garden chemicals or household cleaners) to keep evaporation to a minimum
  • Burn wood wisely and not at all on "red" days.