Mosquito Fish

Mosquito Fish

Mosquito fish (Gambusia affinis) are available FREE to residents of Washington County for use in their ornamental ponds, unused pools and water troughs. Call the Mosquito Control program at 503-846-2904 for details.

Gambusia affins received their name “mosquito fish” because of the large amounts of mosquito larvae they have been known to consume. One mosquito fish can eat over 50 mosquito larvae in less than one hour.

Mosquito fish are small fish ranging in size from one to 2.5 inches. They have been known to feed on spiders, snails, algae, zooplankton, fish fry and insect larvae.

Mosquito fish are not native to Oregon. State law restricts their use to self-contained bodies of water that are not fed or drained by natural waterways.

Additional information regarding mosquito fish is available from the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.