If You Find a Sick or Dead Bird


Testing birds is important because it may provide an early indication of the spread of West Nile Virus (WNV) in Washington County. To report dead birds found within Washington County, call 503-846-8722.    

  1. Do not touch the dead bird with bare hands.
  2. If you must touch the bird, wear disposable gloves and place the bird in a plastic bag. If possible, place bird in shaded area.
  3. Dispose of gloves and wash hands immediately.
  4. Keep children and pets away from the bird.
  5. Call Mosquito Control at 503-846-8722.

If you find an injured or sick bird, please call the Audubon Society at 503-292-6855.

Some birds, such as corvids (e.g, crows and jays), are very susceptible to WNV and have a high mortality rate from the disease. Clinical signs of WNV in birds may include uncoordinated walking, weakness, lethargy, tremors and abnormal head posture. Corvids account for between 50-90% of reported bird cases across North America.

Birds that are infested with insects or maggots or show signs of trauma or decomposition cannot be tested. They can be disposed of safely in the trash. Place the bird in a plastic bag using disposable gloves or a shovel. Throw the bag in the trash and wash hands thoroughly.

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