Mosquito Control

Washington County Mosquito Control is responsible for managing mosquitoes by an integrated mosquito management (IMM)strategy. Integrated Mosquito Management is a comprehensive mosquito surveillance and control strategy that utilizes available mosquito control methods singly or in combination to reduce their numbers to tolerable levels while maintaining a quality environment.

Key elements to the mosquito control program:

  • Provide public education and outreach in the community
  • Conduct mosquito surveillance using a variety of field and laboratory methods to monitor mosquito populations and mosquito-borne diseases
  • Use biological and/or chemical control methods when conditions supporting mosquito production cannot be removed or altered sufficiently
  • Distribute mosquito fish to Washington County residents for use in their ornamental ponds, water troughs and other potential breeding areas
  • Coordinate surveillance and control efforts with other local, state and federal governmental agencies

How do I...

Environmental Health: 503-846-8722

Mosquito Control: 503-846-2904