Children's Intensive Services Advisory Council

The Children’s Intensive Services Advisory Council advises the Washington County Mental Health Organization on local mental health policies and programs relating to the Children’s Intensive Service Array program. 



This council is comprised of at least 51% representation of family members, adolescent or young adult consumers, and family advocates.  Council members should also include:  state and county representation from child welfare, juvenile justice, education, mental health, developmental disabilities, DHS Service Delivery Area, and other local or regional Intensive Service Array providers and advocates.


Functions and Responsibilities 

  • The Council meets every other month to develop and monitor a system that assures access to care and services that are family-driven, strengths-based and culturally sensitive.
  • The Council develops and monitors a collaborative effort involving the child welfare, juvenile justice, mental health and educational systems working in partnership with families to provide individualized and comprehensive care.
  • The Council collaboratively strategizes with all leaders, directors and key stakeholders in creating opportunities for change and improvement in the children’s mental health system.
  • The Council reviews policies and procedures to ensure that they enhance and promote quality service delivery.
  • The Council assesses the effectiveness of mental health services and approach in improving the quality of life for children who are challenged with emotional and behavioral issues.
  • The Council assesses outcomes and recommends changes.