Older Adult Services and Provider

Aging can often bring an additional set of challenges for an individual who is also coping with a mental illness. These challenges can include physical health decline, memory loss and a lack of caregiver support. Washington County offers services that integrate mental health treatment with special emphasis on assessing memory loss, coordinating with health care providers and providing clinic based services for caregiver relief. 

Older adults are particularly at risk for loneliness and isolation. Read more about emotional well-being, senior outreach, connecting with older adults and free programs for late-life depression here.

Service Provider
LifeWorks NW in Beaverton, Oregon - 503-645-9010

Services may be accessed by calling the Washington County at 503-291-1155 or by calling the service provider directly.

If you are on the Oregon Health Plan, other service providers may be available. Please contact your Coordinated Care Organization or visit our OHP page for links.

Additional Information
All individuals entering treatment will receive a mental health assessment by a master’s level clinician. Individuals seeking psychiatric medication must complete the mental health assessment prior to seeing a nurse practitioner or psychiatrist. Once the assessment has been completed, the clinician will provide an individualized recommendation for services. This recommendation may or may not include a referral for a medication evaluation depending on identified need. If you have concerns, please talk with your intake clinician.