Hawthorn Walk-in Center

COVID-19 Update  


The Hawthorn Walk-in Center is open to the public during limited hours, Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. - 6 p.m., Saturday and Sunday from noon - 4 p.m. Please call ahead to discuss options for assistance and to confirm hours of operation. Holiday hours may change. 

Assistance is available over the phone and by video by calling 503-846-4555 (9 a.m. - 8:30 p.m. daily). If you are in crisis, please call the Washington County Crisis Line at 503-291-9111 (available 24/7/365).
  • If you are feeling suicidal or like you might harm yourself or others, please call the crisis line at 503-291-9111. Help is available, and you are not alone!
  • If you have a provider, please contact them first for support. While some offices may be closed, most providers are still offering telephone support to their enrolled clients.
  • For support related to general anxiety and stress about COVID-19, the new COVID-19 Community Counseling Program is available free to anyone in Washington County. Additional resources are available through the CDC and NAMI.

The Hawthorn Walk-in Center provides urgent care services for mental health and addiction concerns. If you or someone you care about is experiencing any of the following, we can help:

  • Confused thinking
  • Prolonged depression (sadness or irritability)
  • Feelings of extreme highs and lowsHawthorn Walk-in Center logo
  • Excessive fears, worries and anxieties
  • Social withdrawal
  • Dramatic changes in eating or sleeping habits
  • Strong feelings of anger
  • Strange thoughts or beliefs (delusions)
  • Seeing or hearing things that aren’t there (hallucinations)
  • Growing inability to cope with daily problems and activities
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Numerous unexplained physical ailments
  • Substance use

Visit these pages for location and hours, services provided and frequently asked questions.

Appointments are not necessary, but if you would like to make one, or if you need help during hours we are closed, please call the 24-hour Washington County Crisis Line at 503-291-9111.

We recorded a "Community Matters" episode at Hawthorn. View it here for a firsthand look at what a visit to the center looks like. You can also watch the short video below to see how Hawthorn fits into the County's services for people in crisis.