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IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR PROVIDERS: Health Share of Oregon’s new provider portal is now available for checking the eligibility status of Oregon Health Plan members assigned to the Coordinated Care Organization (CCO). Provider offices that see Health Share CCO members can find the portal link, plus information on registration and training on Health Share’s website.

New Provider Portal Frequently Asked Questions

Membership in the Washington County provider network is done through a public procurement process. Approximately every five years, Washington County issues Requests for Proposals (RFP) for adult, child and adolescent, intensive community services, and crisis services. Contracts are issued based on the RFP selection process.


Public procurement procedures require that provider selection result from a competitive Request for Proposals process. This competitive procurement process must occur at least every five years unless a waiver is requested from the Board of County Commissioners.

In addition to the standards generally used in selection of qualified providers, selection criteria in any procurement process should include the considerations listed below.    

  • The anticipated plan enrollment.
  • The expected utilization of services, taking into consideration the characteristics and mental health needs of specific member sub-populations
  • The numbers and types of providers required to provide the contracted services.
  • The number of network providers who are not accepting new patients.
  • The geographic location of providers and clients, considering distance, travel time, the means of transportation ordinarily used by members, and whether the location provides physical access for members with disabilities


Provider Contracting Requirements

Washington County and its participating providers must comply with:

  • All provisions and conditions outlined in the current Agreement between Washington County and Managed Mental Health Care Provider.
  • All provisions and conditions outlined in the current Oregon Health Plan Mental Health Organization Agreement between the State of Oregon and Washington County.
  • All provisions and conditions outlined in the current County Financial Assistance Agreement with the State of Oregon.
  • All Oregon Administrative Rules pertaining to the provision of applicable mental health services
  • All applicable federal, state and local laws, rules and regulations.
  • All policies and procedures adopted by Washington County.

Providers contracted with Washington County are responsible for all appropriate coordination of services for their clients including: comprehensive strength based assessments, individualized treatment planning, community-based outreach and treatment; interagency collaboration, transition planning and aftercare.

Providers may not refuse to provide services to any individual meeting criteria established by Washington County Policy.