Forensic Assertive Community Treatment

Service Description

Forensic Assertive Community Treatment (FACT) is a community-based program that provides intensive case management and mental health treatment to individuals who have a severe mental illness and significant involvement in the corrections system.  A probation officer, who is an employee of Washington County Community Corrections, is an integrated part of the team.  This individual provides oversight to assure clients are meeting the terms of their probation or post-prison supervision.

Treatment focuses on reducing symptoms, meeting basic needs, securing benefits, and increasing functioning in areas such as employment, community navigation and basic living skills while assisting the client in meeting the terms of their probation/parole. 



Services are available to individuals who have:

A severe and persistent mental health disorder which is covered by the Oregon Health Plan and significantly impacts their ability to work, remain out of the criminal justice system, keep housing, or meet basic needs.

Individuals must also have:

Significant involvement with the criminal justice system such as multiple incarcerations, arrests or probation/parole violations.  The individual's mental illness must be a primary reason for criminal justice involvement. 


Service Provider

Sequoia Mental Health Services:        

        Beaverton  503-591-9280  

        Hillsboro  503-640-9892  


A referral may be made by contacting the program director Jennifer Broomfield at 503-352-0658.  All referrals are screened by FACT, Washington County Mental Health and Washington County Community Corrections.   Not all clients referred to the program will qualify for treatment.


Additional Information

The availability of no-cost treatment for individuals who are low-income may change depending on resources. 

If there is not a clinician available who speaks your language, an interpreter will be provided.