Mental Health Court

Service Description

Washington County Mental Health currently collaborates with local criminal justice partners to operate a specialty court for individuals who have a mental illness and are on parole/probation.  The goal of this court is to assist non-violent offenders who have been diagnosed with a mental illness successfully complete their parole/probation.  There is a strong emphasis on connecting participants to mental health treatment, drug and alcohol treatment and completing all of the conditions of supervision including paying restitution, completing community service and engaging in positive activities such as work or school.



This program is available to non-violent offenders who have a serious mental illness.  Participants are primarily identified by their Washington County parole/probation officer.


Service Providers

Individuals may be referred to any community mental health provider dependent on eligibility and clinical match. 


Additional Information

Not all individuals on parole/probation will qualify for mental health court.  Individuals are screened on a case by case basis.  For questions about eligibility, please talk with your Washington County Parole/Probation Officer.