Older Adult Outpatient

Service Description

Washington County’s Older Adult Outpatient program is designed to provide short-term mental health treatment to individuals over the age of 55.  This program recognizes the profound impact that aging, specifically physical health concerns and memory loss, can have on one’s mental health.  The goal of the Older Adult Outpatient program is to provide mental health treatment that acknowledges these concerns while effectively treating the mental health condition.  Services begin with a mental health assessment, after which the individual may receive individual and/or group therapy, medication management, case management, and collaboration with other treatment providers.  Services are typically brief, though ongoing medication management may be provided.  Treatment is generally provided in the clinical office, however, individuals may receive services at other locations when needed.  When indicated, chemical dependency treatment may be offered to individuals with both substance abuse and mental health concerns. 



Services are available to individuals who currently have Oregon Health Plan with Washington County Health and Human Services as the Mental Health Organization.   In order to receive treatment, you must have a mental health disorder covered by the Oregon Health Plan and be experiencing difficulty with daily tasks, employment, school, relationships or meeting other obligations.


Service Provider

Lifeworks Northwest:        

     Beaverton 503-645-9010



Services may be accessed by calling the Washington County OHP Member Services Line at 503-291-1155 or by calling the provider directly.


Additional Information

All individuals entering treatment will receive a mental health assessment by a master’s level clinician.  Individuals seeking psychiatric medication must complete the mental health assessment prior to seeing a Nurse Practitioner or Psychiatrist.  Once the assessment has been completed, the clinician will provide an individualized recommendation for services.  This recommendation may or may not include a referral for a medication evaluation depending on identified need.  If you have concerns, please talk with your intake clinician.

If there is not a clinician available who speaks your language, an interpreter will be provided.