Transition Age Youth Intensive Services (TAYIS)

Service Description

Transition Age Youth Intensive Services (TAYIS) is a program designed for older adolescents and young adults who are moving out of the children’s mental health system and into adult mental health services.  This program targets individuals with complex needs who may be transitioning out of the state hospital, residential treatment, juvenile correction facilities, intensive outpatient programs or local hospitals.  The goal of the program is to assist individuals in becoming as independent as possible while reaching developmental milestones such as independent housing, education, employment and development of social relationships.  This program follows an intensive case management model with a variety of team members who can provide specialized services.  Services may be provided both in the community and at the office.



Services are available to individuals who currently have:

* Oregon Health Plan with Washington County Health and Human Services as the Mental Health Organization


* Individuals who are low income, reside in Washington County and either have Medicare or are uninsured.  

In order to receive treatment, you must have a mental health disorder that is covered by the Oregon Health Plan and negatively impacts your ability to work, retain housing, or meet your basic needs.


Service Provider

Lifeworks Northwest 

     Tigard 503-684-1424 



Referrals for the program may be made through the TAYIS intake line at 503-449-2249. 


Additional Information

Due to the very specific clinical requirements for the program, not all individuals screened for the program will be accepted.  Individuals who are not accepted into the program will be provided with a referral to an alternative treatment program.

If there is not a clinician available who speaks your language, an interpreter will be provided.