Wraparound Care Coordination


Service Description

Wraparound is a team-based planning and problem solving process to help youth and their families struggling with emotional, mental and behavioral problems. The process begins by identifying the family's strengths and needs and then creating a plan to meet these needs.

Wraparound brings together a team of people involved in the youth and family's life. A family's team might include friends, relatives, school teachers, counselors, Child Welfare caseworkers and/or Juvenile Justice counselors. A care coordinator employed by Washington County will help all of these people work together and coordinate the activities and services that take place in the least restrictive setting possible. Most services are community-based.

Every plan will be different because it is developed specifically for each child or adolescent and their family. The Wraparound process is always the same: family-driven, youth-guided, strengths-based and solution-focused. Participation in Washington County Wraparound is strictly voluntary.



Washington County Wraparound is only available to children and adolescents who are eligible for the Oregon Health Plan and enrolled in Health Share of Oregon-Washington County.

Youth ages 0-18 must meet the following criteria:

  • Current, serious impairment in multiple areas (home, school, social relationships)
  • Multiple agency involvement (Special Education, Child Welfare, Juvenile Justice)
  • Outpatient treatment has been tried and cannot meet the youth's needs 



To apply for Washington County Wraparound, a referral packet must be completed. This packet must include:

  • Completed referral form
  • Description of the current problems and treatment
  • Mental Health Assessment or updated assessment completed in the last sixty (60) days
  • Signed Consent for Screening and Services (must be signed by legal guardian)
  • Consent for Release of Confidential Information
  • Signed Receipt of Privacy Practices form
Washington County Wraparound referral packets can be found by clicking "Looking for Forms?" on the left side of this page.


Fax the completed packet to 503-846-4560 Attn: Ian May


Additional Information

Once a complete referral packet is received, it will be screened and the legal guardian and person making the referral will be notified in writing of the decision.

If a youth is found to be eligible, a Washington County care coordinator will be assigned to the family/guardian and will contact them within 14 days of the eligibility determination.

If a youth is NOT found eligible, alternative resources will be given to the family/guardian.

For more information, call Ian May at 503-846-4557.