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Washington County Behavioral Health’s (WCBH) Quality Assurance program work is twofold. The Quality Assurance program works to ensure services provided by county staff meet and exceed standards established by the State of Oregon and contracts. In addition, we monitor outpatient and residential behavioral health services. Monitoring ensures that the services are efficient, effective and meet the needs of Washington County residents receiving services funded entirely, or in part, by Medicaid, through the Oregon Health Plan or Washington County General Funds.

The WCBH Quality Assurance program is responsible for:

  • Ongoing monitoring of the effectiveness of behavioral health services
  • Ensuring that WCBH only hires qualified persons and works with credentialed organizations
  • Ensuring compliance with state and federal requirements
  • Receiving and investigating complaints and grievances of behavioral health services
  • Receiving and investigating reports of abuse and neglect for adults receiving behavioral health services in Washington County

Client Rights

Advance Directive:  Policy  Booklet

Declaration for Mental Health Treatment

HIPAA Compliance Policy



WCBH encourages the resolution of grievances at the lowest level possible and values clients’ ability to express their preferences and experiences in treatment. Doing so helps us and providers improve service delivery and treatment outcomes. 

Clients, their legal guardian or representative, should exercise their right to file complaints and grievances related to our services, and the delivery of services and supports available through the WCBH system of care.

Washington County also accepts complaints and grievances in writing or telephone at:

Washington County Quality Assurance
5240 NE Elam Young Parkway, Suite 150
Hillsboro, OR 97124    
503-846-4515 or toll free at 1-833-266-3845, TTY 771

Complaint forms can be accessed in English or Spanish.

You may also file complaints with CareOregon or the Oregon Health Authority (OHA): 

  • CareOregon: 503-416-4100
  • OHA, Health Systems Division: 503-945-5763

Complaints and Grievances Policy      

Clients or their guardian or representative may also appeal grievance resolutions if they disagree with the resolution.


Reports of Abuse or Neglect

The Oregon Administrative Rules provide additional protections for abuse and neglect of adults who are receiving behavioral health services and living in licensed residential programs. If you believe or suspect abuse or neglect of an individual, you may report directly to the Washington County Behavioral Health Protective Services by one of these three ways: