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The Washington County Mental Health Program has implemented a Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement process that addresses the needs of Health Share of Oregon/Washington County Members. The main goals of the Quality Improvement program include: monitoring the effectiveness of the mental health services funded by Health Share of Oregon, identifying strategies to improve the quality of services, responding to concerns of consumers of services and the community, ensuring that services are provided by qualified persons and organizations, and ensuring compliance with state and federal requirements. 

The Quality Improvement program is responsible for the following areas:

  • Complaints and grievances
  • Critical incidents and abuse/neglect
  • Credentialing and monitoring of service providers

Health Share of Oregon (HSO) maintains a standing Regional Quality Improvement Committee whose membership includes community partners and stakeholders, consumer representatives, contracted service providers and a Licensed Medical Practitioner. This committee meets on a monthly schedule. The HSO Quality Improvement Plan incorporates measurable objectives and benchmarks in the areas of: Access to Services, Quality of Services, Integration and Coordination of Services, Outcomes, Prevention, Education and Outreach, Credentialing, and Quality Management. The Quality Improvement Plan is updated annually. A quality outcome report is also prepared annually that summarizes activities and progress toward objectives and benchmarks. The Quality Improvement Committee reviews the annual plan and reports each year prior to final approval.


Client Rights

Advance Directive:  Policy  Booklet

Declaration for Mental Health Treatment

HIPAA Compliance Policy



Complaints may be submitted verbally or in writing to contracted service providers or directly to the Washington County Mental Health Program Quality Improvement Coordination Team. Complaints may also be directed to treatment providers that are involved in the treatment of individual clients.  Complaints may include concerns about quality of care, access to services, interactions with service providers, violations of privacy rights and other areas of concern. 

Complaints and Grievances Policy       Complaints and Grievances Form English or Spanish

Appeals and Hearing Policy     Appeals and Hearing Form


Reports of Abuse or Neglect

Abuse and neglect of adults who are receiving mental health services funded by Washington County must be reported to Washington County.  Mandatory reporters include public or private officials, mental health and other social service professionals, licensed medical personnel, and any public official who comes in contact with adults in the performance of the official’s duties. Suspected abuse of adults who receive mental health services may be reported directly to the Washington County Complaints, Grievances and Abuse Hotline at 503-846-4515. Or send an email.


Health Share of Oregon Member Handbooks

Health Share of Oregon publishes a Member Handbook annually and distributes it by mail to all individuals who are enrolled with HSO for their mental health benefits under the Oregon Health Plan. 


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Members and authorized health care representatives may file a complain or grievance if a health care provider has violated the rights described above.

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