Bonnie Hays Animal Shelter open on Fourth of July to reunite lost pets with owners

For Immediate Release: Monday, June 27, 2022

Sponsored by: Health and Human Services Department, Animal Services Division

Oso and Silver were reunited with their family on the Fourth of July a few years ago.The Bonnie Hays Animal Shelter in Hillsboro will be open on Monday, July 4 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. for limited services, including stray dog intake and reunions between lost animals and their owners. Finders should first call 503-846-7039 before bringing an animal to the shelter. Shelter staff may have information, such as a lost report for the animal, and be able to facilitate a quick reunion with the animal’s owner near the location where the animal was found.

Now is the time for owners to take proactive measures to prevent their animals from getting lost during the Fourth of July holiday. Fireworks may cause pets to panic and escape from their enclosures or to bolt away from their owners. Even pets that have never seemed bothered by loud noises before can develop new fears.  

Bonnie Hays Animal Shelter staff urge the community to prepare now to keep pets safe and secure during the upcoming holiday.

  • Verify that your pets' tags and microchips have current and updated information, and that your dog is licensed.  
  • Check your fence to make sure there are no loose boards, holes or other places where a frightened dog could escape. Double check that all gates are securely latched.  
  • Keep your dog on a leash while outside during Fourth of July weekend, even in your own backyard.  
  • Pick a room in your home that can provide a safe space for your pet during the festivities and fireworks. Help your pet become comfortable and create a positive association with the room before the fireworks start. This space can also become a safe refuge for your pet if they get overwhelmed by houseguests or daytime celebrations as well. 
  • Call your veterinarian as soon as possible to discuss medication or other options for reducing your pet’s fear if you think your pet might be afraid of loud noises. 

More pet safety tips are on the county's website. For additional information on what to do if you lose or find a pet, visit and click on “Pet Lost & Found.” 

Washington County Animal Services and the Bonnie Hays Animal Shelter are located at 1901 SE 24th Avenue in Hillsboro, just off Tualatin Valley Highway by Lowe’s and Home Depot.  

Media Contact:
Stacy Beckley, Animal Behavior and Outreach Coordinator
Washington County Animal Services
Available on July 4 from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. for onsite interviews