Prom Perfect

Release date: 04/17/2009
Sponsored by: Health and Human Services Department, Children, Youth and Families (CYF) Division

Prom Night and Alcohol -- a frank discussion


"Prom Perfect" is a collaborative effort of the Washington County Commission on Children and Families, the Sheriff's Department, Beaverton Together!, Helping Empower Youth Together! (HEY!) and Tigard Turns the Tide. The campaign encourages teens, adults and businesses to do their part to make "Prom Perfect."  

As part of the campaign, parents and other caring adults are asked to:

  • Talk with their children about their prom-night plans,
  • offer alcohol- and drug-free parties before and/or after the prom,
  •  offer a ride home to their teen, anytime, no questions asked, and finally,
  • in a new way to deliver the message, to visit to send a text message to a teen on prom night.  

For further information, contact Diana Stotz with the Commission on Children and Families.

Media Contact:

Diana Stotz, Senior Program Coordinator