Reports and Publications

Regional Climate and Health Monitoring Report (November 2019) - Washington County Public Health partnered with Clackamas and Multnomah counties to provide a collection of baseline date on 12 health conditions within five environmental areas that climate change is known to affect. This data will help guide current mitigation efforts and provide a benchmark to monitor these and other indicators that reflect climate change health.

2018 Infectious Disease Report (November 2019) - The report provides the most current data on disease trends, case counts and in-depth articles on communicable diseases, sexually transmitted infections, HIV, tuberculosis and various outbreaks in the county.  

2016 Tri-County Opioid Trends Report Staff from the public health departments of Clackamas, Multnomah and Washington counties produced the content of this special report in collaboration with the Oregon Public Health Division of the Oregon Health Authority and Health Share of Oregon.

Countywide Preparedness: How prepared are residents of Washington County for a disaster? Washington County, in conjunction with community partners, conducted a countywide survey to answer that question! These documents (available in English and Spanish) summarize the information we gathered. Additionally, there is a one-page priority findings sheet (in English and Spanish) we recommend using for prioritizing and collaborating on emergency preparedness efforts.  

Community Health Assessment (October 2016) - This is the summary document for Washington County. Want the full report? Here it is!

Oral Health Toolkit (September 2016) - A guide to promoting oral health in pediatric primary care and achieving medical-dental integration

Chlamydia Data Sheet (April 2016) - Chlamydia is a top health issue in Washington County. This data sheet shows the most recent trends in chlamydia cases for Washington County. We currently have more than 2,000 cases of chlamydia a year, which is over five infections a day, with the majority of cases in people in their 20s.

Marijuana and health: A comprehensive review of 20 years of research (October 2014)Washington County Health and Human Services epidemiology staff have prepared a report on marijuana and health effects in order to provide a review of the most recent scientific research for the constituents of Washington County and their leadership. Over 20 years of peer-reviewed publications from journals around the world are included with detailed summaries of over 50 topics related to marijuana and health. We hope you find it to be helpful. 

Health Impact Assessment (July 2014) - Washington County Public Health partnered with Land Use & Transportation to conduct a Health Impact Assessment to identify the potential health impacts of constructing a bicycle and pedestrian bridge in Aloha-Reedville.

Health Impact Assessment (August 2012) - The Washington County Departments of Health and Human Services and Land Use and Transportation conducted this health impact assessment (HIA) to provide decision makers with information to maximize the benefits of active transportation projects and policies in Washington County. This HIA provides information on the specific barriers to walking and biking for short trips among county residents who do not typically use walking or bicycling as a primary mode of transportation. It also recommends strategies and facility designs that address these barriers, with the goal of increasing physical activity among all residents in Washington County.