CAP High Risk Clinic

Cascade AIDS Project and Washington County Public Health provide testing for persons at risk for sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis and HIV. Spanish-speaking staff are available.

No-cost testing is available for those who qualify based on the following risks:

  • You are a man who sometimes has sex with men.
  • Your man has sex with other men.
  • You have had sex with someone who may be HIV positive.
  • You or your partner have multiple anonymous partners.
  • You or your partner have shared needles.
  • You have exchanged sex for something you needed or wanted.

LGBTQ Mondays, Walk-in 2-7 p.m.
Beaverton Clinic
12550 SW 2nd St, Beaverton OR 97005
(Beaverton Central MAX Station; Enter on SW Washington Ave)

Thursdays, Walk-in 1-5 p.m.
Hillsboro Clinic, 266 W Main St, Hillsboro OR 97123
(Hatfield Government Center MAX Station)