Maternal Child & Family Program


MCH Home VisitsThe Maternal Child & Family Program is staffed by experienced public health nurses and community health workers who make home visits to pregnant or postpartum women and families with newborn infants or young children.

We provide support and education, address medical concerns, provide case management services, and ensure that care is coordinated in order to promote the best health for mothers and children in Washington County.

Services include:

  • Nurse-Family Partnership program services
  • Help Me Grow provides free prenatal care referral services, parenting resources and tips to support your child's healthy growth and development
  • Prenatal and childbirth education
  • Support for women who have a high risk pregnancy
  • Prenatal and postpartum depression screening
  • Breastfeeding support and education
  • Oral health education and referrals
  • Postpartum support and education
  • Monitoring of infant growth and weight gain
  • Developmental screening and activities that promote normal infant development
  • Education and support for healthy parenting
  • Education and support to improve child health and development
  • Case management, referral and follow-up to ensure access to health care and other services
  • Assessment of the physical home environment for families of children with asthma or persistent wheezing

You are eligible for services if:

  • You live in Washington County AND
    • You are a pregnant or postpartum woman OR
    • You have a newborn infant OR
    • You have an infant or child with special health needs

The Nurse-Family Partnership program has specific eligibility requirements that may be different from those noted above. Please visit the web page to learn more or contact us using the information below.

Informational materials available:


Contact us:
Phone: 503-846-4872 or 503-846-5717 or 503-846-3712
Fax: 503-846-5712