Public Health Advisory Council

The Washington County Public Health Advisory Council (PHAC) has been appointed by the Washington County Board of Commissioners to advise the Board of Commissioners in its role as the Board of Health for Washington County. The Washington County Public Health Advisory Council will make recommendations to the Board of Commissioners and the Public Health division manager on matters relating to public health.

The 16-member Council is comprised of:

  • 4 at-large representatives
  • 2 persons representing underserved or minority communities
  • A faith community representative
  • A business community representative
  • A representative of the schools or Education Service District (ESD) - VACANT
  • A youth representative
  • A healthcare or hospital representative
  • An elected official
  • Public safety (fire/EMS and law enforcement) representative
  • A nonprofit organization representative - VACANT
  • A licensed practicing physician selected by the Washington County Medical Society
  • A licensed health care professional/non-physician representative

Read the complete bylaws.

Visit the Board of Commissioners page to apply for one of the vacant positions. 

Meeting agendas, minutes and supplemental materials are on this page.

For more information about PHAC, email Tricia Mortell.