Drop Box Service

Occasionally you may have more material to dispose of than your regular garbage or recycling containers can handle. What should you do? You can self-haul your materials to the appropriate recycling center, landfill or transfer station or you can order a drop box or occasional container from your regular service provider. 

New Direction on Collection, Storage, Transport, Disposal in Drop Box/Compactor Receptacles.

Companies that provide drop box or compactor collection services and that do not hold a certificate issued by Washington County are not allowed to collect, store, transport or dispose of any waste or solid waste within unincorporated Washington County for compensation.  This includes loads of source-separated recyclable materials.  Read More...


Drop Box Sizes and Usesdropboxtruck
Drop Boxes are available in 10, 20, 30 or 40-yard sizes and are often used for projects such as:

  • Construction, demolition or remodeling
  • Large-scale clean-outs
  • Landscaping or yard service
  • Roofing
The fees charged for this service include a hauling fee, container rental (demurrage) fee, material disposal fee (tip fee), mileage and any associated governmental fees.  Please contact your service provider or go to our rates page to find out more.


Occasional Container Service3YdSlantTopdumpster
For smaller projects, your regular garbage and recycling service provider may offer “occasional container” service, depending upon where you live in Washington County.  Occasional container sizes range from one yard to eight yards in volume. Click here to find the company that provides garbage and recycling collection service in your area. 


Reduce your garbage
Identifying and separating out the materials that can be donated, reused or recycled can reduce the disposal cost of the material.  Contact us if you have questions about what can be recycled.