Garbage and Recycling Haulers

Solid Waste & Recycling provides regulatory oversight related to the collection of garbage and recycling in unincorporated Washington County. 

We provide oversight of the 11 private companies that collect garbage and recycling (haulers) in unincorporated Washington County with current service certificates granted by the Board of County Commissioners. These certificated haulers collect garbage and recycling from residents and businesses within exclusive service areas. The County establishes the rates that the 11 haulers charge for service and standards for collection related to levels of service, reporting and customer communications.

To sign up for garbage and recycling collection service, or if you have questions about your current service, call your hauler directly. If you are not sure who your hauler is, use Metro's "Who's My Hauler" tool, email Solid Waste & Recycling or call us at 503-846-3605.


Haulers bill residents, property managers and businesses directly. If you have a question about your bill, please contact your hauler

Types of service

Haulers provide garbage and recycling collection services to residential (single family and multifamily) and commercial customers. Yard debris collection is included in urban single-family residential collection service. Haulers also provide drop-box or compactor service for construction, demolition and large clean-out projects. 

Medical waste

To arrange medical waste collection service, contact your hauler directly. Medical waste includes materials such as needles, syringes and lancets. 

Rate review

Washington County sets collection service rates within the unincorporated areas of the county — north of Highway 26, Aloha, Metzger and rural areas. Rates charged by haulers are established by the Washington County Board of Commissioners following an annual rate review. Each hauler must charge the Board-approved rates in its service area. For more information see the Annual Washington County Rate Review Procedures and Policies Manual — For other rate review documents, please contact us by email.

Resources for residents within city limits 

Each city government regulates garbage and recycling collection services within its specific city limits. This includes the setting of rates and the establishment of rules under which the haulers operate. If you live within a city's limits, please contact your city office or your hauler directly for more information about collection services.