Nature's Needs Odor Monitoring Project

This page provides information regarding the Odor Monitoring Project at the Nature's Needs Compost Facility in Washington County, Oregon. A third-party consultant, Environmental Management Consulting, is under contract to Washington County to conduct the odor monitoring.


Environmental Management Consulting (EMC) has completed its second and final odor monitoring event at the Nature's Needs Compost Facility and the final report is now available. The final report covers the results from Sampling Event 2 (October 2013) as compared to the results from Sampling Event 1 (March 2013). The final report for the second sampling event can be found below:

Sampling Event 2 Final ReportReport for Odor Monitoring Activities on October 15, 2013


Odor Monitoring Project

Nasal RangerAs a condition of its franchise agreement with Washington County, Recology (operator of Nature's Needs) is funding a third-party odor monitoring project that is being administered by Washington County. At its February 26, 2013 meeting, the Washington County Board of Commissioners approved a contract with Environmental Management Consulting to conduct a rigorous odor monitoring evaluation of the Nature's Needs facility.

Contract with Environmental Management Consulting format-pdf

Environmental Management Consulting is a firm operated by Tom Card, an internationally recognized odor expert who is the author of nine books on the emissions of odors and other air pollutants from waste treatment facilities. Mr. Card is the former head of the Air Quality Technical Committee for the American Society of Civil Engineers. He provides peer review for the American Chemical Society, the Water Environment Federation, and the International Water Association. Mr. Card teaches extension classes at the University of Texas, the University of Wisconsin, and Crannied University in the United Kingdom. He has 35 years of experience and is a graduate of the University of Washington (BC) and the California Institute of Technology (MC). He is a registered Professional Engineer in Washington and California. 


Sampling Plans & Reports

Included below is a links to the Sampling Plan, Sampling Event Report 1 and associated appendices, and Sampling Plan 2 that have been developed by Environmental Management Consulting. Any additional sampling plans and event reports will be posted when available.


Sampling Plan 2: Plan for Odor Monitoring Activities on October 15, 2013.

Sampling Plan 1: Plan for Odor Monitoring Activities during the week of March 11, 2013

Sampling Event 1 Report: Report for Odor Monitoring Activities during the week of March 11, 2013