Recycle at Home in Rural Washington County

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More Frequent Recycling Collection and a New Roll Cart

Your current recycling collection service will change from once-a-month collection in red bins to every-other-week collection in a roll cart. Place your new recycling roll cart at the roadside the same day as your garbage is picked up.  Place your red bin out as well Recycling Calendar - GreenRecycling Calendar - Redfor glass collection.  

Click on the Recycling Collection Calendar link to see your new collection schedule. Call Your Hauler to find out if your collection schedule is a red or green week.

How Do I Use My New Recycling Roll Cart?

The new roll cart will replace your red recycling bins. Use the new cart to place mixed recycling at the roadside for every-other-week collection. Keep your red recycling bins for glass bottle and jar recycling that is collected separately from all other recyclable materials. 

What’s New or Different About Recycling in Roll Carts?

The new carts offer much more room to collect recycling. Recyclables will no longer blow away and litter the street.  Recyclables will also be kept dry making them more valuable.

The same recyclable items that were accepted in the red bins are accepted in the roll cart. Acceptable materials include mixed paper, metal and plastic bottles and tubs. When your new cart is delivered, you will also receive a Residential Recycling Guide with more details about what to recycle in your new roll cart along with a calendar showing your new collection schedule.

Will My Garbage Collection Service be Changing?

NO. Standard garbage collection won’t change. You will not receive a new garbage container and garbage collection will continue weekly. 

Rural Residential Rates

Enhanced Recycling Program - Rural Area Rates - Unincorporated Washington County

These Rates Will Be Effective When You Begin Receiving The New Service 

Rural Rates 2013

*These can/cart rates include weekly garbage collection and every-other-week collection of recycling in the new 90-96-galllon roll cart.  

A rate increase to cover the costs of increasing the frequency of recycling collection from one time per month to every-other-week and to cover the cost of the new recycling roll cart was approved by the Washington County Board of Commissioners and will go into effect when your new enhanced service begins.

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