Prevent Wasted Food

El Mercadito prevents food waste

Stopping food waste before it begins creates the greatest environmental benefits, including reducing harmful greenhouse gas emissions. That's because the majority of a food's environmental footprint is created before it even reaches your kitchen.

Not only is it good for the environment, but looking for opportunities to reduce food waste can also lower your food purchasing costs and increase operational efficiency.

Success story

Hayde Martinez, who runs El Mercadito in Hillsboro, realized she was wasting a portion of every tomato when she cut out the cores with a knife. So, she purchased a tomato corer and now uses as much of the tomato as she can when making her delicious pico de gallo.

What we offer

  • Waste assessment services – Our Green Business Advisors can help conduct a waste assessment and report back on how much food is ending up in your garbage. You know your operations best, so from there we can work together to come up with effective ways to reduce wasted food and support you in your efforts.

  • Connect with your peers – We can connect you with other food service businesses that can share their experiences reducing food waste and provide more insights and ideas for you.


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