Separate Food Scraps

By separating food scraps for composting instead of putting them in the garbage, your business saves a valuable resource from going to waste. Food scraps collected from Washington County restaurants, grocery stores, and other food service operators are turned into renewable energy to power homes and businesses, and compost for local gardens and farms.

Embassy Suites separates food scrapsComposting works

Embassy Suites started separating their food scraps from the garbage, and in just one year, they collected 55 tons of food scraps for green energy and compost production – and saved over $5,000 on their garbage bill.

"We started with the food scraps collection program to do our small part for a larger issue," said Executive Chef Russell Kool. "Our staff adjusted quickly while feeling they are a part of doing the right thing for our environment."

What we offer

  • Onsite support

  • Free supplies including bins, bags and signs

  • Fresh ideas for engaging and motivating employees

  • Help setting up or refining composting service

  • Outreach to your property manager

  • Ongoing assistance and troubleshooting

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