Recycle at Work

Recycling reduces waste, saves natural resources, prevents pollution and helps build a stronger economy. Businesses play a critical role in reducing the amount of material we throw out.

Keep it simple
Keep it Simple

Best practices for recycling at your business include:

  1. Make recycling as convenient as garbage. Ideally, garbage and recycling containers are paired together.

  2. Make it clear at a glance what goes in each container by labeling them.

  3. Train employees how to use the program and let them know who in the organization can answer questions when they come up.

  4. Build good communication with your janitorial staff or service. They are an integral part of ensuring the success of your recycling program.

All businesses in Washington County can recycle the items listed on our recycling guide (English | Spanish). If there is an item your business or building is not currently recycling, contact us and we can help get the service set up. Learn more about the Business Recycling Requirements.

We make it easy

 Light Bulb


Find out where to recycle additional items like electronics, batteries, light bulbs and bulky items by using our What to Recycle and Where search tool.


Check out our Resources page to download and print your own recycling posters.


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