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Neighborhood nuisance concernsBelow is a link to an online form for reporting a problem or submitting a complaint that occurs in unincorporated Washington County. For rules and regulations that apply within the limits of the 12 cities in Washington County, check with your city government.

The link below will take you to our new Code Compliance system. You will need to register prior to submitting a complaint. Once an account has been created, click on the "Code Compliance" section followed by "Create a Record" to enter your complaint. 

Click here to file a complaint

Need assistance submitting a complaint? Call us at 503-846-3605 or email us at

Problems we can help with

Neighborhood Nuisance Concerns

Let us know about illegal dumping, overgrowth of grass and weeds, and accumulation of garbage. 

Garbage and Recycling Collection Service Issues

If you have been unable to resolve an issue with the garbage and recycling collection company that provides your service, let us know by submitting details. 

Noise Concerns

Let us know about noise issues outside of quiet hours of 10 p.m.-7 a.m. Provide information about the location of where the noise is occurring, the type of noise (e.g., construction noise before 7 a.m.), and the time of day the noise occurs.

Alternative ways to submit a complaint

To request assistance submitting a complaint in an alternate format or language, please contact us at 503-846-3605 or

To complete a hard copy complaint form, download the form and submit by mail, email or fax using the contact information below.

Mail: Solid Waste & Recycling Code Enforcement
155 N First Ave, MS 5A
Hillsboro, OR 97124
Fax: 503-846-4490

Learn more about code and rules

To protect the health, safety and welfare of Washington County community members, the following codes apply to the unincorporated areas of Washington County.

Administrative rules also apply to the collection of solid waste in unincorporated areas of Washington County.

Solid Waste and Recycling Administrative Rules