Take the Eat Smart, Waste Less Challenge

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Join other families in Washington County and the tri-county area to reduce food waste at home by taking the Eat Smart, Waste Less Challenge. The first step is to pledge to practice the simple step of SMART STORAGE by keeping your fruits and vegetables fresh. It's an easy step to take. Click on the box to the left to take the Challenge to start today. County staff will follow up and provide you tools and support to help you with the Challenge. For more information, contact a waste prevention and recycling specialist or call 503-846-3605.

Take the Challenge at an event

Find staff and Master Recyclers at one of our community events. Learn about how the Challenge works from staff and get free tools including a 4-quart measurement container. Containers are limited to people who sign up for the GET SMART strategy. Go the County calendar and search for "eat smart" for upcoming events.

Request a presentation

Learn how important the issue is, what you can do about it and get free tools to start now. Staff or Master Recyclers can come speak to your parents group, neighborhood association, church group, business or other adult group. Why not make it a potluck? We will adjust the presentation length to fit your needs (15–45 minutes). Email us or call 503-846-3605 to schedule a presentation.

Learn more about SMART STORAGE

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SMART STORAGE — Keep fruits and vegetables fresh

Get support online 

Connect with other Eat Smart, Waste Less Challengers and volunteers who are ready to answer your questions on the Facebook group. Or use #EatSmartWasteLessChallenge on Twitter. 

Why food waste matters

Forty percent of the food grown in the United States goes uneaten. Yet one in six Americans lacks a secure supply of food. Learn more.

Other smart strategies your family can practice 

Are you already practicing SMART STORAGE? Pledge to try another smart strategy when you take the Eat Smart, Waste Less Challenge.

GET SMART — Measure how much food your family throws away over four weeks 



SMART SAVING — Eat what you buy 

smart shopping  

SMART SHOPPING — Buy what you need 

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SMART PREP — Prepare now and eat later