Waste Generation Report

Oregonians strive to meet State Waste Recovery Goals!

Have you ever wondered if Oregonians are meeting the waste prevention and recovery goals established by Oregon's Legislature? In 1991 the Legislature set a statewide goal to recover 50% of its waste by 2000, a goal which was then extended to 2009. In 2015, Oregon Legislature increased the statewide recovery goal to 52% by 2020 and 55% by 2025.

Washington, Multnomah and Clackamas counties, and all cities located within these jurisdictions, comprise the Metro region wasteshed.  Metro encourages a higher recovery rate of 64% compared to the statewide goal of 52%.  In addition to the goal to recover 64% of materials by 2025, the State Legislature passed the goal that for the calendar years 2025 to 2049, the generation of solid waste should be 15 percent below the amount of solid waste generated in 2012.

Tracking Progress

How do we track our progress?
Progress on this goal is tracked by surveying recycling companies and collection service providers who handle recycled materials.  Survey results are collected and calculated by the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality.  Disposal amounts and recovered or recycled amounts are reported and a recycling rate is calculated.  Total waste generation is also tracked.

How are we doing?

  • In 2016, Oregonians on average, generated 7.1 pounds of waste, per capita, per day, or over 2,609 pounds during the entire year. 
  • Statewide, 42.6% of this waste was recovered (recycled). 
  • In the Metro region, nearly 47.8% of our waste was recovered during this same timeframe.

Review DEQ's Waste Generation reports to see how Oregon performed over the last few years. The most recent (2016) DEQ Material Recovery and Waste Generation Report is available online.

There are many waste prevention ideas to help Oregonians (residents and businesses) impact these statewide results. Focusing on waste prevention, we can achieve more sustainable communities. 

Learn about the metro region plans to meet the State's waste recovery target.

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