Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

  • First, download GooseChase on iOS or Android
  • Sign in as a guest or create an account. 
  • Enter game code R7419E or search WashCo Earth Month
  • Get started on your missions!

Each mission will have a task and a specific way to submit that mission for points; text, photo, video or GPS/location check-in. For example, a mission might be to take a picture of an item you found in your recycling bin that should have gone in the garbage and post it to the app. All missions are voluntary, and you can choose which ones you want try! You must submit missions to earn points, which are awarded based on the difficulty of the mission. All players who submit at least one mission will be eligible for a prize raffle; some prizes may be specific to players who complete a particular mission.

Unless stated in the mission description, submissions will be public for other players to view. All submissions that require a GPS location or sensitive participant information for prize drawings such as a mailing address will automatically be private and will only be used to award points or prizes.

Who can play?

Anyone who lives or works in Washington County, Oregon can play! GooseChase is a great opportunity for youth, students, teachers, coworkers, friends, family, and neighbors or anyone looking for a fun, safe and physically distanced way to make a difference during Earth Month. Challenge others and compete to see who can complete the most missions and earn the most points!
Family and friends living outside of the County may play and earn points but will not be able to access prizes and drawings.

Where are the missions?

All missions are either located in Washington County, Oregon or can be completed online. 

What kinds of missions are there?

There are hundreds of different missions for you to try! Here are just a few examples: 

  • Take a selfie with your favorite house plant! 
  • Borrow/replace a book from a Little Free Library. 
  • Visit the Clean Water Services waste treatment facility at Fernhill Wetlands and share one thing you’ve learned. 
  • Dress up as Recyclops or in your favorite costume made of reused materials and share a picture of you taking out your garbage/recycling.